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Lefroy - Original Music & Remakes

Our remake of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was made out of love and from the heart, never looking to make money off it's release. Our goal is to bring unity and aid in the fight against type 1 diabetes and we therefore are not taking a single penny from sales of Knockin' on Heaven's Door. It will instead be given to JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation who are dedicated to finding a cure. So purchase the song and help a great cause, or donate directly on their website at www.jdrf.org

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Barry Lefroy

Barry Lefroy is a well respected Canadian bass player having played with famous bands in the 70’s and a successful business entrepreneur. He is also the mastermind behind the debut song/video/band Lefroy, having first come up with the idea of remaking Bob Dylan's classic, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in a way it had never been heard before. Barry had been seeing the extreme unrest in our country and his goal with the project overall was to help bring unity through a video that embraces peace and compassion. He brought these ideas to his son, also named Barry, and his son's close friends, Paul Susanka and Kevan Wallace (audio engineer/drummer). They began working on the project with Barry Sr acting as executive producer, closely collaborating with Paul (directing) to display the vision for the sound they were about to complement. While making the video, Barry realized the song could bring meaning and hope to those diagnosed with diabetes and is passionate about making a contribution to research and finding the ultimate cure. Inspired by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Barry plans to create a big rock show with elaborate set pieces, pyrotechnics, and many of Southern California's best musicians, to create an evening that will blow the minds of all in attendance! 


Barry Lefroy II

Barry II took to music at an early age, having been introduced to the bass guitar by his father. In freshman year of high school, he began his first band with classmate Paul Susanka, and the two never stopped creating music together. They played all over Southern California in various metal/hardcore bands, with Barry on vocals, and Paul on guitar. In 2015, Barry and Paul launched a rap project which featured Barry's extensive rap talents with Paul taking a behind the scenes role making beats, producing in the studio, and honing his music video directing and editing abilities. The two continue to make music together, writing music for a psychedelic/surf/jam band along with creating original content and gearing up for performances with "Lefroy." Barry is known for consistently giving 100% during his performances and conveying heartfelt emotion on stage. When watching Barry on stage he makes you truly feel the song! His ultimate goals are to keep expanding his musical repertoire with fresh and innovative projects. 

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Paul Susanka

Paul grew up in Huntington Beach and was inspired to play music by watching his father, Bert Susanka of the legendary SoCal surf/rock band, The Ziggens and his friends in bands such as Sublime, Perro Bravo, Slightly Stoopid, and Long Beach Dub Allstars. Paul found his passions at an early age, making videos at seven with a little camera he received for Christmas and piecing footage together and progressing in his craft. He received a four track recorder and made recordings to tape at age ten with his guitar and drumset, often times bringing recordings to school and playing them for the class. Paul met Barry Leroy II freshman year of high school and the two began their first serious band, eventually making their way on stage and performing all over Southern California throughout their high school careers. After high school, they continued making metal and hardcore music and in 2015 began a rap project with Paul making beats and producing the music and video content. It is Paul’s genius that is behind the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door music video and what brings all of Lefroy’s imagination to life. Paul hopes to create remakes of classic songs with Lefroy that re-energize our love and breathes new life into them. He will also be debuting original rock songs he has written, with Lefroy bringing his massive sound and production to the equation resulting in an epic rock sound sure to kick your heartbeat up a couple notches!